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In many places, drinking a sip of water can be extremely hazardous. Of course, there usually isn't a choice.

Millions of people in developing countries have to get their drinking water from streams or ponds polluted with parasites and germs. Animals and villagers alike drink and bathe in the water. The contamination causes countless children to die needlessly from diarrhea and typhoid.

Building clean water wells is a pet project for the team at Unity Beads, and actually a main reason we founded Unity Beads.  Being blessed to grow up and live in the United States of America, the thought of finding a source of clean water rarely crosses our minds. Generally, when we turn the faucet we expect water to come out, and clean or purified drinking water is readily available. 

The sense of joy and satisfaction that comes from helping others is greatly magnified when we provide an entire village with an essential element of life - water.  Allocating funds to build wells happens between steps 2 and 3 on our circle of giving, and is an integral part of our mission.  That's one of the reasons we say when you wear a Unity Beads bracelet, you not only look great wearing them, you feel great sharing them.  You carry on your wrist all of the positive impact of improving and changing lives with you throughout your day! 

Our well projects are built through Operation Blessing's Clean Water Projects. During the dedication ceremony of a well we funded which took place on March 20th, 2013 one of the villagers made a statement of appreciation that deeply moved us.  Although we have never met this person, their statement truly reflects the meaning of the circle of giving and the purpose for which Unity Beads exists.

Ms. Homhuan Boonchit, age 45, daily worker:

"The water is never enough for the entire year, because we have 5 members in our household.  I had to carry water every day.  Now, we have this well from Operation Blessing's Living Water project and our lives are not as difficult.  The water runs well and is clean.  This well is used by many houses around here.  The sponsors have been kind to us, so we will learn to share with each other around our neighborhood, no matter near or far.  If they are short of water, we will let them use our well.  Thank you very much."

This woman for whom obtaining water was a daily struggle has been given a life changing gift and her first thought in addition to giving thanks is to pledge to share what she has with others in need.

Through Unity Beads we hope to continue to fund clean water wells, and hope to do so much more often.

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