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Unity Beads™ was founded by husband and wife small business owners and based around the concept of giving.  As our small business grew we experienced fluctuations in the economy that made it hard to budget for charitable contributions.  The strong desire to give and help others was still there (along with a love of handmade jewelry).  With the Unity Beads™ brand we were able to combine the two by basing the entire line around the concept of giving.

It starts by giving women in developing countries the opportunity to learn skills that will serve them and their families for a lifetime.  Working directly with members of the World Fair Trade Organization assures that these women are paid fair wages for their works of art, and empowers them to provide for their families.  In otherwise poverty stricken areas, a woman's life changes quite dramatically when she has income.  This is the first step, but the giving doesn't stop there - in fact it's only just beginning.  

In our effort to do more we have centered the Unity Beads™ brand around a concept we call the Circle of Giving.  It is truly a circle because it is a sustainable system with tremendous positive impact each step of the way.  

  In the next step as we supply the local stores and boutiques that choose to carry the Unity Beads™ brand we donate a portion of each and every sale to our clean water well projects constructed through Operation Blessing.  Imagine living in an area where you were forced to walk hours to collect water for your family, only to find the water was of questionable quality and you risk the health and the lives of your family by consuming it.  This is the reality for about 1 billion people on this planet.  For most Americans, the lack of water or water quality is a thought that rarely crosses our minds.

Through the Unity Beads™ brand, and with your help, we are making a big difference.  We currently fund the construction of wells that supply clean water to entire villages and truly change lives.  Look for more information on our water well projects on this site and decide for yourself.

Once again, the giving doesn't stop there as with our circle we encourage even more.  Check out more information on the concept of the Circle of Giving on this web site and learn how the circle promotes helping others at each stage along the lives of our bracelets - we are having tremendous positive impact.  As we reach out to stores to carry the the Unity Beads™ brand our ability to help others together greatly multiplies.

That's why we say when you wear a Unity Beads™ bracelet, you not only look great wearing them, you feel great sharing them.  You carry on your wrist all of the positive impact of improving and changing lives with you throughout your day!  This may be just one of the reasons they are so addictive and customers like to collect them, thereby increasing the positive impact many times over while adding stylish and super comfortable bracelets to match any outfit into their collection.

And when you give a Unity Beads™ bracelet as a gift, you are not only showing appreciation and love to the person who receives the gift - you are also showing appreciation and love across the planet, locally and globally, and you are including them into the circle as well!


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