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Look great wearing them... Feel great sharing them.™


Your purchase contributes to:

1 Providing women with fair wages, raising them from poverty
2 Building clean water wells for entire neighborhoods
3 Donations and contributions to worthy causes 
4 Looking good and feeling great
5 Sharing love & gratitude with others both locally and globally

YES!  Buying Unity Beads™ bracelets accomplishes ALL of this!

The Circle of Giving

When you wear Unity Beads™ bracelets you not only look great - you take part in joining our Circle of Giving and shaping the type of world you would like to live in by showing gratitude and love across the planet. The Circle of Giving is our concept of sustainable giving every step of the way along the lives of our bracelets. It's the reason Unity Beads™ was founded, and it's changing lives.

Learn more about our Circle of Giving:

     1 - Raising women out of poverty.

Working directly with members of the World Fair Trade Organization ensures artists are paid a fair wage.  In otherwise poverty stricken areas a woman's life changes dramatically when she has a source of income.  The artists are given a life changing opportunity, as these learned skills and fair wages empower the women who crochet our bracelets to provide for and feed their families.  Each bracelet is hand made with love and pride, and each and every bracelet contributes to improving the lives of women.

2 - Building clean water wells.

When Unity Beads™ sells a bracelet or supplies a store or boutique that wishes to carry the Unity Beads™ brand, a portion of the proceeds from each and every bracelet is donated to charity. Currently we are funding the construction of water wells which provide clean water to an entire village. 

Our wells are built through Operation Blessing's clean water project, a highly rated and highly transparent charitable organization. Look for more details on our well projects, and how these projects change lives and perpetuate giving - the impact on families is profound.  There is no cap on our contributions, the more bracelets we sell the more we contribute.

3 - Contributing to local charities and causes.

In the next stage, a portion of the proceeds for each and every bracelet sold is again donated to charities and worthwhile causes. This happens either through an additional donation through Unity Beads™ or directly through a local store, gift shop, boutique etc. 

Local stores can also choose to participate in our "Charitable Fashion Challenge" where they set a goal to sell a specific number of bracelets and then donate a specific amount to the cause of their choice. 

Organizations and causes can also participate in our fundraising efforts directly through Unity Beads™!  This can benefit a charity, local family in need, local athletic teams, animal shelters - anywhere they would like to give and make a positive impact!  Visit our Fundraising link for more information.  

At this stage we rotate through various causes for contributions.  All causes chosen are highly rated such as the American Red Cross, St. Judes Children's hospital, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and several others.  Once again, there is no cap on contributions, for each and every bracelet that is sold a contribution is made to these types of efforts.

4 - Wearing positive impact on your wrist.

When a customer buys a Unity Beads™ bracelet they get a stylish and SUPER comfortable bracelet in the colors of their choice. Not only can you match your own style and dress, you are wearing all of the positive impact in changing lives throughout your day. 

When you purchase these items you are also helping to shape the type of world you want to live in and you are continuing the circle of giving. Unity Beads™ bracelets look great in stacks of 3 or more, which also triples the positive impact! We also suggest that you give an extra bracelet as a gift to a friend or loved one.

5 - Sharing them for even greater impact.

When that friend or loved one receives their gift, they receive a token of friendship, appreciation, and love.  But their gift is actually a gift to MANY others as well because together we are spreading appreciation and love across the planet. 

When someone receives Unity Beads™ bracelets as a gift, we hope they decide to visit their local store, or shop online with us to add to their own collection and continue the circle!

From the positive impact of feeling and looking great wearing them, to the impact of feeling loved and appreciated when receiving them as a gift, to the tremendous impact of changing lives with charitable donations, to building wells providing clean water to entire villages, and the dignity of working for wages that allow artists to provide for their family - What we have created is a truly sustainable local and global circle of giving with tremendous positive social and economic impact each and every step of the way. 

Thank you for being part of the circle!

If you would like to see Unity Beads™ bracelets in your area, simply ask your local gift store or boutique to contact us for information by giving them our web site www.UnityBeads.com.

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