High Quality, Super Comfortable Fashion Jewelry with a Deeper Purpose.
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When you shop for Unity Beads™ bracelets online, you use our innovative new shopping cart system. Our system allows you to shop for multiple recipients, with multiple shipping addresses all on the same order. You can also personalize each section of your order, all with only one checkout!

Learn More about Personalized Messages, Gift Wrap and Shipping

Personalized messages made EASY
Each time you add a batch of bracelets to your shopping cart, you complete a 3 step process.  Step 3 is where you can add a personalized message to your order.  This step is optional, so you can leave it blank if desired or if you are shipping to yourself.

What should I put in the message?
When you type in a personalized message, what you type will be printed inside a nice gift card which will be included with the order.  You should type in whatever you would like to say to the person who will receive the bracelets - remember you can have us ship different batches to different people, all on the same order!

Be sure to sign!
If you are shipping bracelets directly to the recipients, the personalized message card is a great way to personalize the gift. Be sure to sign your message with your name.

Gift Wrapping & Packaging
Each batch of bracelets you order will be placed into a drawstring organza bag along with a card explaining the Unity Beads™ concept.  We delicately wrap this into colored tissue paper, and place a gift card containing your personalized message on top before packaging for shipping.

More than One Means Much More Fun!
Remember that you can shop for many people all at once, and with only one checkout.  Each recipient that you designate in your shopping cart will receive the same care as the next.  Each receives their batch of bracelets packaged as above, with their personalized gift card, and we will ship them directly to each of their addresses!  We give you all of this extra care and attention at no extra charge, so the price you see is the price you pay at checkout.

Multiplying our Positive Impact
The more you purchase and give, the more you contribute to our Positive Impact Projects.  When you give a gift of Unity Beads™ bracelets to a friend, you are actually giving gifts to so many others.  Please read more about our Circle of Giving on our web site, and Thank you for joining our Circle!

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