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Each bracelet is individually hand made, learn more about them below.Color and pattern variations are to be expected, we cannot guarantee exact color/pattern matches but we promise to pick out some absolutely beautiful bracelets for your order.

About Our Bracelets

Glass Beads
These bracelets are made of small high quality glass beads and thread! This is why they have such a wonderful feel and weight. Glass also catches the light like no other material, and our bracelets come in a wonderful variety of colors.

Anyone can wear Unity Beads™ bracelets - they are 100% hypoallergenic. Those with metal allergies can wear all of our bracelets in comfort and style.

Easy to wear, easy to care!
Unity Beads™ bracelets do not tarnish or change color. They require no special care, however we recommend avoiding contact with household chemicals or any agents that could stain or damage them.

Just roll them over your wrist and enjoy
Tuck your thumb into the center of your hand, point your fingers, and roll the bracelet over to your wrist. They fit just about any size, and will stretch slightly to fit larger wrists.

Glass Beads known as "Seed Beads"

Made with Love and Pride
Each Unity Beads™ Bracelet is hand crafted by stitching individual glassbeads together using a method of crochet.

Hundreds of tiny glass beads called seed beads must first be pre-strung onto a long line. As our woman artisans crochet each bracelet, a bead is fed into the design between every stitch.

What about those patterns?
In order to achieve the beautiful patterns in our bracelets, the hundreds of seed beads must be pre-strung onto the line in a very specific order! Amazing, isn't it?

True works of art
What you hold in your hand and wear on your wrist is a true work of art, made with pride and love, and contains the positive impact of helping so many people along it's way to you.

Thank you for being part of our circle!

Variation is the spice of life
Each Unity Beads™ Bracelet is hand crafted, and no two are exactly identical (though some are very similar). Because each bracelet is individually hand crafted, patterns will differ from bracelet to bracelet.

Decisions, Decisions
We have a choice of 10 different hues of colors available when you order. Each and every choice is a great one, so it can be a little difficult to choose. You will want to collect them over time, maximizing your collection and maximizing the positive impact you have through our Circle of Giving!

What to expect
You may have noticed that many of our bracelets come in beautiful patterns of mixed colors. Exact color choices and patterns vary over time. Here's what to expect when you order from the 10 choices:

Color Choice   Colors in Mix
Reds - Garnet, Ruby, Orange-Red, Burgundy, White, Silver, and Bright Reds
Corals - Corals, Peach, Orange, Peach, Salmon, Padparascha, Yellow Orange, Orange-Red
Yellows - Light Yellow, Tan, Gold, Bright Yellow, Sunflower
Greens - Emerald, Peridot, Mint, Olive, Med Green, Dark Green
Blues - Dark Sapphire, Turquoise, Lt Sapphire, Denim, Med Blue, Lt Blue, Dk Blue, Teal
Purples - Amethyst, Tanzanite, Lt Purple, Dk Purple, Med Purple, Mauve
Pinks - Lt Pink, Dk Pink, Fuchsia, Med Pink, Blue, Purple
Browns - Lt Brown, Dk Brown, Tan, Brown with other colors
Blacks - Black, Black & White, Black & Silver, Black & Gold
Whites - White, White & Black, White & Silver, White & Gold, White with other colors
Silvers - Solid Silver and Silver with other colors
Golds - Solid Golds and Gold with other colors
Surprise Me - Perfect for those that like one of a kind or unique bracelets, and love to be surprised!

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